Hazardous Area Equipment

Diesel Driven Equipment

Vacuum Pump 1200cfm
The diesel driven vacuum unit complies with the latest European Directives and UK regulations for use in Zone II hazardous areas. The unit is containerised and built in accordance with DNV 2.7:1 standard and comprises of an enclosed protection frame with regular access to internal equipment via two doors at the front side. The unit is comprehensively sound attenuated to keep noise values to acceptable levels at full operating speeds.
Zone 2 Compressor 1050cfm

Gas Detection

Gas Detector Detective Plus
Used singly or linked together, Detective Plus+ gives a loud and clear alarm providing effective warning of gas hazards. The rugged, water and impact resistant design and clear display make Detective+ the ideal choice for your transportable gas detection needs.
Gas Detector Tetra 3
Tetra 3 is an intuitive 4 gas personal monitor with a top mount display designed to withstand the harshest of industrial environments.
Gas Detector Triple Plus
The Triple Plus family has set the standard for portable multigas monitors with their combination of ruggedness, reliability, easy of use and full flexibility of sensor combinations for flammable gases, oxygen and toxic gases.

Heating and Ventilation

Heater 480v Ruffneck
The Ruffneck FE1 heater is rated for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. This unit is for indoor use only. Supplied in a stainless steel crash frame and with a square to round panel mounted on the front to allow the easy attachment of ducting to direct the heat if required.
Fan 110v 12 Atex


110v Chalmit Evo Junior
Chalmit Evolution Junior Floodlight is a compact floodlight suitable for discharge and tungsten halogen lamps, certified for Zone 1 hazardous areas. This is a powerful floodlight which enables you to do your job safely, efficiently and with total peace of mind.
110v Hornet Kit
Slam Hornet work lights use highly sophisticated technology to produce a work light that is compact, powerful and certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Light is produced by compact fluorescent lamps which give an impressive spread of light, which enables you to do your job safely, efficiently and with total peace of mind.
Ex Hornet Hand Lamp
The Slam Ex Work light is a portable extremely reliable hand lamp for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas. This item is fitted with a replaceable anti static film giving the tube complete protection and allowing optimum light output to be maintained.
Slam Hornet Linkables
These vessel entry lights have developed a formidable reputation as a highly reliable lighting system, even in the most extreme environments. This linkable version allows large areas to be lit with a chain of work-lights from just one power socket. The approved ATEX plugs and sockets allow extra units to be added as required even in a hazardous area.
Emergency Slam Hornet Linkables
The SA Light Pack is a rechargeable worklight system for use in hazardous areas. Combining Slam and Powernet technologies, it is a highly versatile unit that will transform hazardous area working with its ease of use.

Power Distribution

110V Extension Cable
This Zone 1 Hazardous Area Extension cable pictured is a rated 110v 16 Amp extension fitted with Heat, Oil & Fire Resistant Cable (HOFR) c/w Ceag type plug and coupler. Enermech can supply additional zone 1 extension leads to suit platform and customer requirements.
MDU Zone 1
Splitter Box 110v Zone 1
This Zone 1 hazardous area distribution box with 4 x 110v 16 amp splitter box fitted with Heat, Oil & Fire Resistant Cable (HOFR) c/w Ceag type plug and couplers. Other specifications of zone 1 distribution boxes are available to suit platform and customer requirements.
Transformer Zone 1
This Zone I hazardous area unit is designed to give 4 x 110v power outlets from a single source input. The unit comes supplied in a stainless steel frame with certified lifting points for easy manoeuvrability.


Air Cengar Saw CL 50/75
Air Cengar Saw PL 905
Air Cengar JSZ
These Cengar Saws are hand held reciprocating saws designed to cut metal and plastics in production environments and can be used in Atex zoned areas where appropriate.
Spitznas Air Reciprocating Saw

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